14 June 2009

Right On Trend…

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was thumbing through my "Wall Street Journal" – the words “Hot Pink” and “Magenta” gleefully popped off the page right before my very eyes. A usual source of mine for financial and business brain power was talking nothing but the power of pink for a page and a half. I read and re-read the article with sheer amusement the first three times. And then after reading it four more times, I was completely ecstatic! PINK HAS ARRIVED. The beauty of pink and all its hues and different shades exudes happiness, over the top glamorous cheeky fun.

Here at Mitzy London’s we embrace the color pink as if it were a dear old friend. It’s even more exciting that everyone outside of Mitzy London’s is embracing the fabulous color as well. Pink has been the signature color of Barbie and now is making its bright cheery splash into your home on pillows, wellies and maybe even your man’s closet too. With the normal fall style line up including black, brown and hues of blue – it’s going to be exhilarating to have pink included in this fall’s line-up. It is my pleasure to announce that Pink is a Must this upcoming fall season. If Pink is a more distant relative of yours than Black, start with small accessories like scarves and handbags a la Barbie, if you’re not concerned about the big time glamour and hauteness that pink exudes, than go all out Barbie style.

I heart pink.


07 June 2009

Jazz It Up At One Nineteen

Some of my fondest memories in London were attending the music concerts in lovely Regent’s Park. Filling up the picnic basket with nibbles and bubbly, meeting dear friends and relaxing in the deckchairs listening to fabulous tunes in the summer time air.

Here at One Nineteen, state side, we are planning a beautiful jazz festival called “Jazz It Up”. It’s sure to be an eclectic music series with wonderful jazz landscape amongst the beautiful scenery and fountains at the One Nineteen Shopping Center. So if you want to plan a starter course to a lovely night out on the town or just want to drop by and enjoy our talented local jazz artists, check out the “Jazz It Up” series at One Nineteen Shopping Center – it’s sure to have some lovely music for you and yours.

Jazz It Up is a free summer concert series performing every Saturday, during the months of June, July and August from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. The musicians will be located at the fountain in front of the Apple store.

Hope to see you there!


26 April 2009

A Derby Must

Join us this Saturday, May 2, at Sullivan’s Steakhouse (119th and Roe) to enjoy the most famous horse race in the world. Mitzy London’s and Sullivan’s are planning a fanciful event to be enjoyed by all to celebrate the first Saturday of May. Embrace your inner southern belle! This is the perfect excuse to dress up in a splendid frock that of course compliments your smart derby hat and enjoy the fastest two minutes in sports.

Click here to see the second most entertaining parade of the derby for your fashionista hat inspiration.

Please ring us at the shoppe, (913) 661-1775, for more information. And pop by the shoppe to find the perfect hat and dress for the Derby! Mint juleps, hors d’ oeuvres and fashionista fun is sure to be had with Mitzy London’s and Sullivan’s this Saturday!



18 April 2009

Dreams of Pink Tutus and Chocolate: A Special Benefit for the Kansas City Ballet

I have always been fond of the beauty of ballerinas. The stage, the lights, the tiaras and of course the pink tutus are all magical in my girly eyes. The grace, poise and discipline ballet demands of the prima ballerina, draws me in. I love the twirls and leaps, the emotion and excitement that a ballerina can tell the audience without ever saying a word. What if I lived my life as a full time ballerina? Saying no words, but only leaping and twirling throughout the shoppe to tell the stories of all of the fabulous frocks and trinkets available – oh, what a sight that would be.

We are thrilled to be a part of The Dream Ballerina Experience on Sunday, April 26. Dine at The Melting Pot, April 13th – April 25th and order the “Ballet Feature.” Twenty dollars of every “Ballet Feature” sold will go to the Kansas City Ballet. When purchasing this “Ballet Feature,” you will receive the finest four-course fondue and two complimentary passes to the exclusive Dream Ballerina Event.

At The Dream Ballerina Event on Sunday, April 26, enjoy a fun afternoon at The Melting Pot and meet the dancers of the KC Ballet. Yours truly will be there with tiaras, tutus and other goodies for all of our aspiring dancers and carpool dance mums.

Princess Diana "got joy out of associating with dancers--she wanted to be part of the ballet world” as well as we do too at Mitzy London’s. Please join us down at the Melting Pot for fondue, ballerinas and tiaras.


Visit the Kansas City Ballet web site


05 April 2009

Spring TRENDZ at Mitzy London's

Love it & Hate it.

We love entertaining.

We love cupcakes with LOTS of icing.

We love taking care of the fashionistas we are surrounded by daily.

In other words, we love being the ultimate HOUSEWIFE to one another. Although we are not crazy about the “wife” part of that word, we do love hosting great parties with tasty treats and even better sweets for all of our dearest fashion-minded friends.

We are calling all fashionista housewives to please join us at our second location at TRENDZ Market on Tuesday, April 7, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Our friends at "435 South" are hosting a grand opening party with a special appearance by “The Unreal Housewives of Kansas City”. These Kansas City ladies tackle all the important things in life like martini’s and Pilates - if only we could find a way to combine both of those loves simultaneously together – what a workout that would be!

We are absolutely delighted and thrilled to a part of the new TRENDZ market boutique, check out the website for more information: www.trendzmarket.com

On the flip side we hate technology. But, we know it’s the wave of the fashion future. So with that, we are announcing we have a new Face Book page and a new twitter page up and running. Check us out online and sign up now to stay connected with yours truly on upcoming events, see the latest pictures and be “in the know” on the savings and promotions at the shoppe on a weekly basis!

See you at TRENDZ market boutique on Tuesday April 7th at 5:30PM!!!



24 March 2009

I Fancy Thank You’s

I am sure Emily Post would cringe at the stack of Christmas thank-you’s I still have stacked on my kitchen table. They merely need to be addressed and stamped; but I just haven’t gotten around to it for the last 2½ months. At least yours truly managed to write the notes in a timely manner, now if only I could work on my follow through.

I personally received two thank you’s in the mail today and was delighted to find something other than bills in the post. Now I’m motivated to spread the cheer and get these thank you’s in the mail.

Writing thank you’s has always been a passion of mine. I can remember all the way back to my early birthdays, being diligent in making sure I hand wrote a friendly thank you to every guest who attended my birthday fete. These notes were true works of art, with swirly cursive, lots of hearts and pink ink! My mum always praised me for my well-thought out thank you cards and how she NEVER had to remind, bribe or beg me to do so.

Princess Diana was known for writing her own hand-written notes after every special occasion. At 6 p.m., every week night she had the two princes writing out thank you’s from their day’s adventures.

I propose that everyone should add a little bit of grace to everyday living. Take 15 minutes out of a week that is consumed with responding to e-mails or updating your Facebook status, and instead pen a note to a relative, a girlfriend or a long lost pen pal. With so much technology at our fingertips, a hand written note is a rarity in this day and age. It can kick start a hand written chain reaction that will bring you joy when you open your mailbox to find lovely letters from those you care about. And it’s also an excuse to use pink stationary as the canvas for your thoughtfulness.


P.S. I'm hosting Girl's Night Out at the shoppe this Thursday, 26 March. Do drop in for a fun and fashionable evening. The shoppe will offer one night only discounts from 6 - 8 p.m.


19 March 2009

Lucky Shamrock Love

Who could have asked for more beautiful weather on Tuesday for us to enjoy our St. Patty’s day tradition in lovely Kansas City. The Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day parade has been going strong and steady for over 100 years now! If you’re still feeling “green” from one too many pints, try a cuppa of peppermint and chamomile tea – our British friends swear by it!

Wouldn’t it be divine if there was a “Mitzy Day?” A national holiday for one's diary in which we are united in pink, pearls and sipping pink champagne!